Bird Control

Bird Control

Are you experiencing problems with birds nesting on top of your property or business? Give us a ring!

Ottawa Pest Control provides expert advice on bird control and management services for Residential, Commercial and Agricultural sites. With over 20 years of experience dealing with bird control, our team is readily equipped to rid you from the bird problem over at your industrial site, listed buildings, office blocks or anywhere else. You name it, we’re already there!

Although feeding birds seems like a cute idea, don’t do it. Pigeons, sparrows, seagulls, crows and other birds harbouring around your home can be more problematic than anticipated. Certain birds carry bird mites and the more you feed them, the longer they’ll stay- meaning an increased risk of bird mites multiplying.

Bird mites are known as blood sucking parasites and they definitely won’t wait for your permission or invitation to come after you, your family or pets.

Our anti-pest team is always geared to eliminate birds from your home and clear the nesting material and bird feces.

We care for our environment and nature and that’s why our methods differ when dealing with birds as compared to pests. Ottawa Pest Control offers various options to humanely get rid of them successfully without resorting to chemicals and traps. We use eco-friendly sanitize spry to disinfect all infected areas and nesting areas.

If birds are trapped in retail stores, factories or construction zones, that can become a serious threat to our environment and to your business. This is why it’s crucial that you get in touch with one of our highly skilled professionals to deal with the problem as carefully and dexterously as possible.

Here are some common bird pest control problems:

  • Bird deposits on buildings, windows and warehouse stock
  • Hostile behavior and excessive noise
  • Crop and inventory damage
  • Nesting in or on buildings, homes, businesses
  • Spread of fungal and bacterial diseases and mites

Our team of specialists uses long-term bird control strategies that discourage birds from considering your home, business or crop as an option for them to nest. We provide years of experience offering an extensive array of services and techniques in bird control management to tackle any arising bird concern or issue.

What do our bird control services entail?

  • Expert, knowledgeable and qualified bird constraining and control experts
  • Free quotes and comprehensive site inspections
  • Legislation Advice
  • Customized and competitive pricing on bird deterrent proofing solutions
  • Nest Elimination
  • Flock dispersion

Ottawa Pest Control places a high priority on the safe and humane removal of all birds from homes and business by using eco-friendly and non-toxic bird deterrent solutions and harassment-free techniques.

We don’t want you to wait a second longer, let us offer you quick and feasible solutions for your bird problem. Call us right away and consolidate with one of our agents at (613)-316-6649.